Last updated: May 2024

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Ultimate BAPE Collaboration List

BAPE has collaborated with many cool, popular and upcoming brands and artists over the years. Here's a lists of all those collaborations and a brief description about each collab. See if you have any of these in your Bape collections or interested on adding them to your current one.

Important note: Each collab is linked to eBay page to help you find sellers that are selling each collab item. However, I can't guarantee their authenticity so make sure to "legit check" and do your own research.

Bape Collab 1

Casio's G-shock was the first major brand BAPE associated with, and it was an instant hit. It is believed only 1000 pieces were made and they sold out in the blink of an eye.

Stash and BAPE joined hands to produce limited cool tees and spray can pillows. This association was so successful that they joined hands again in 2002 and 2013 as well.

BAPE and future joined hands in 1990's, and the collection was sold out so quickly that it's almost impossible to find a product that was created. You can try eBay if you are a hard-core fan.

Tokion found an innovative way of showing off the results of its collaboration with BAPE. It offered a pillow in shape of the logo of the magazine and a t-shirt that came in a vacuum-sealed package.

Medicom Toy
Medicom's Be@rbricks are already insanely popular, but when they were adorned with BAPE camo, the excitement of fans went through the roof. Baby Milo vinyl figures were also created along with shark hoodies with bear ears.

The streetwear culture reached a new high when two streetwear icons joined hands. The results were legendary "Chomper" Bapestas and incredible hoodies that are still most sought-after products in the history of streetwear!

Pepsi and BAPE joined hands to create a different packaging with infamous camo. People who got these for retail are quite lucky as they paid less than a dollar for a BAPE item.

When two major streetwear brands get together, what do you get? The ultimate product. Most of the products were sold out before they could even catch a glimpse of a shelf.

What happens when Adidas three stripes meet BAPE's Ape? Something special is created. This is exactly what happened, and Super Ape Star in 2003 was invented. This Collab has grown stronger with time.

Want t-shirts and sneakers featuring Iron Man, Thor, the X-Men or Silver Surfer? You could have when marvel and BAPE joined hands. Now, you might just see someone wearing it!

Pharrell and BAPE have associated many times, but the first was special. It was BAPE's first shoe that showed an air bubble. It also had Skateboard P's head on the heel.

BAPE collaborated with the most loved creator of animated films to create Disney plush toys that included all-time favorites like Winnie the Pooh. Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, and even Minnie Mouse.

Jacob & Co.
This collaboration came when the bling era was on, and the result were designer chains that were not available to the public. I wonder who are the lucky people who got one of these!

A few people know that BAPE was among the first that gave a streetwear touch to its apparel. It partnered with Carhartt to create three tough hoodies in three colors of BAPE camo and a down-filled interior.

BAPE is the master of innovative packaging, and you'll agree when I tell you that it created tees with World Is Yours sculpture and stuffed them in a gold champagne bottle. Just Wow!!!

Bape Collab 2

BAPE created its own version of a popular silhouette that was made famous by other brands and used official tissue rather than silhouette copies which some other brands were after.

Kanye West
When Kane and BAPE joined hands (yes, it does rhyme a bit), the results were limited edition sneakers that were filled with cool colors and the Dropout Bear mascot.

DC Comics
As Marvel was a huge hit, BAPE collaborated with DC comics to create products featuring the icons, Batman, Superman, The Flash and even Wonder Woman (I know someone got one of these).

24 Hour TV
BAPE is dedicated to charitable causes which is one of the reasons I admire it a lot. It collaborated with Japanese NTV 24 to create t-shirts that were sold at $14 to help raise money to save the environment.

Video game fans (like me) got a real treat when BAPE collaborated with Nintendo to create apparel featuring Baby Milo and Mario. Nintendo DS featuring amazing stars and a few mushroom power-up monograms were also released.

The Godfather
BAPE paid tribute to the iconic gangster flick of all times by creating t-shirts that were packaged in a gold champagne bottle. (If I had it, I would have kept it wrapped till now)

BAPE partnered with Ghostbusters on its 25th anniversary and created everything from mugs to apparel. They also collaborated thrice more to create attractive clothes for not only women and men but kids too.

If you are a true fan of BAPE, you will surely envy the cameoed-out fiberglass chairs and ape-head coffee tables that resulted out of this unique collaboration. (I want one for my home now!)

Kid Cudi
All hardcore fans of Kid Kudi know that he worked at BAPE's New York flagship location before he got all the fame. He remained loyal to the brand and his likeness was immortalized on a t-shirt collaboration.

Hello Kitty
Who doesn't have a Hello Kitty product in his or her home? Well, I do. How could BAPE resist? It recognized the value of this Japan-based character and created some really cool stuff to get the attention of the girls.

Daiwa Fishing Co.
BAPE made fishing aficionados happy by collaborating with Daiwa to create the most fantastic apparel, fishing reels, sunglasses, and lures. Almost every fishing enthusiast wished to get his/her hands on one.

Peanuts and BAPE joined hands to create tees, accessories, and most especially cool shark hoodies. It's certainly the closest the streetwear brand has come to PIFF's home state of Minnesota.

To make Stussy's 30th anniversary more special, BAPE partnered with it and created some mind-blowing denim, tees, shoes, and accessories. Trust me, the fans were delirious, and some even had tears of joy.

Harris Tweed
To add a bit more charm to the 100th anniversary of Harris Tweed, cloth made out of Scotland, BAPE actually used this cloth in some of its pieces such as hats, vests, slippers, sneakers, and cushion.

Original Fake
BAPS joined forces with KAWS-owned brand and turned Baby Milo into one of the Graff artist's celebrated characters. The products were limited to Japan only, or I would have owned one.

Bape Collab 3

Star Wars
When Baby Milo met Star Wars characters, the fans had something fun on their hands. A special event was also hosted where fans could see Nigo's personal Star Wars collection.

For most fashion forward people, Baracuta means cool jackets. BAPE added a touch of its own to them by giving its lining the full BAPE Camo treatment while the exterior was not even touched.

What happens when iconic British outerwear meets BAPE? Classic turns cool without losing its own shine. This is what happened when BAPE met Mackintosh as the raincoats were beyond cool!

Beastie Boys
MCA, Mike D., Ad-Rock, and BAPE collaborated to help support Tsunami victims of Japan by creating charity tees that featured illustrations of Beastie Boys. They were a hit across the globe, and the funds helped scores of people rebuild their lives.

When BBC and BAPE joined hands for the first time, the result were hordes of fans going crazy and the introduction of streetwear goodness to the ladies via Billionaire Girls Club.

Ebbets Field Flannels
When BAPE partnered with a company that appreciated all things old-school baseball, the result were some cool caps.

Mark McNairy
Mark McNairy, the kind of brogues left a mark on BAPE with a collection wing-tip shoes and boots that added the cool factor to boring office attire. They are really worth it!

Porter joined hands with BAPE to create some of the most stylish and cool wallets, totes, backpacks, and fanny packs. They all got black, grey, and olive colorways of camo.

BAPE got a slice of the cell phone accessories market by partnering with Gizmobies. It was a time to cheer for every BAPE fan who wanted the ubiquitous camo pattern on everything he or she owned.

Tokyo DisneySea
Mickey and Minnie met BAPE again when it created new totes, hoodies and coin punches with their faces on it due to its partnership with one of the most visited theme parks in the world.

Sunpocket Sunglasses
French eyewear brand Sunpocket was iconic for some years and it's coming back with a vengeance. BAPE left its mark on the eyewear by adding its own signature design to it.

Comme des Garcons
When high fashion meets streetwear, the results are eye popping. So, when BAPE and Comme des Garcons joined hands, people were willing to buy. Unfortunately, those who could visit BAPE store inside Dover Street Market were the ones who got lucky!

BAPE and undefeated have partnered many times now, and their most prized (and highly priced) product is a varsity jacket with amazing embroidery on the back.

BAPE and iconic denim brand partnered to create several jeans, jackets, shirts, and tees. All of them were made by using denim, fabric that you can wear for years and still look stylish.

Street Fighter
BAPE joined hands with Capcom on the latter's 25th anniversary, and the collection featured all-time favorite Street Fighter characters Ken, Guile, and Ryu, hanging out with the adorable Baby Milo.

Bape Collab 4

Kreayshawn is another celebrity who joined hands with BAPE to make herself immortal. Only a few lucky people have it. If you don't, buy a CD of hers and enjoy reminiscing.

When BAPE partnered with this flashlight company, it was a real surprise for the fans. But I think the collaboration was worth it because it BAPE-fied a necessary essential that never fails to help you.

Fred Perry
BAPE added a new shine to Fred Perry's 60th Anniversary by creating a small capsule collection that had just two tees and a polo. Each piece had a large crest tribute on the back.

When BAPE united with Tricker's, the dress shoe experts hooked it up with a pair of brogue boots which you could in casual or dressier situations without worrying about wearing out the soles.

BAPE pleased its loyal fans in Japan by collaborating with the largest online shopping site in the world. As expected, the tees were sold out in a jiffy and left many fans regretful as they missed it.

When BAPE collaborated with Playboy, extraordinary products were created. The collection included hats, t-shirts, button downs, boxers and even some playing cards. Only black and white colors were used while merging apes and bunnies' symbols.

Snoop Dogg
BAPE partnered with newly reincarnated Snoop Lion, and the result was addition of gold, green and red vibes to the streetwear brand. There were no tam hats in this popular collection.

RSVP Gallery
Chicago's premier shop joined hands with this iconic streetwear brand to release just three co-branded t-shirts that had simple designs. If you like simplicity, you can still grab them at BAPE's website.

Angry Birds
As the popular gaming app is loved by men, women and kids alike, BAPE created t-shirts for all these categories. The t-shirts featured angry looking animals that had a certain appeal.

Linkin Park
BAPE decided to help in commemorating the band's tour in Asia by creating some special edition T-shirts that detailed each stop such as a stop at Japan's Summer Sonic Festival.

A$AP Ferg
Another American rapper was enchanted by BAPE and decided to partner with it to create 100 pieces. The result was A$AP Ferg getting a church-style stained glass illustration graphic holding Baby Milo.

BAPE partnered with Reebok and launched sneakers that were dipped in the superb green and brown camo look. It also had reflective panels throughout that added to its appeal and gave users a blend-in camouflage look.

The Simpsons
One of TV's best-loved cartoon families was promoted by BAPE by creating tees, hoodies, varsity jackets, button-ups, and really cool accessories like caps, cushions, key rings, beer mugs, and even bibs for babies.

Coca Cola's red and white logo met BAPE clothing and everything from tees to hats, and hoodies to chef's apron were created. Even the ape head logo was seen sipping a glass bottle of coke!

Def Jam Recordings
BAPE celebrated its 10th anniversary by creating a capsule collection while partnering with 10 Def Jam artists that included everyone from Big Sean to Travis Scott. Grey, white and purple camo also surfaced to make this partnership a hit.

It is quite clear that almost all of these collaborations were an instant hit and pleased the fans across the world, not to mention helped brands rake in loads of money. Which of the collaborations were your favorite and which products do you proudly own?