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Buy Bape Shoes (Bapesta Real or Fake Guide)

Bapestas are among the first choice of sneakers. I highly recommend Bape shoes, but the replicas are complicated. That's obvious, with the fame, there come replicas, fakes, and whatnot. In this article, I will crack the easiest way to spot fake Bapesta and answer all related queries.

How to spot fake Bapesta (Bape shoes)

Here are a few factors that I consider to spot fake Bapesta. Knowing them can really make things easy for you and you will always end up buying the original Bapesta.

Size tag
There is a visible difference between the original and replicas or fake copies. However, spotting a fake side-by-side with an original is pretty easy. I may not be able to identify if there is no comparison. To be honest! So here are a few precise details you need to look for size tags to crack the right pair of shoes. Real Bape shoes have a thick and uniform font-weight. The fake one has thin and rough text with no accurate font-weight; it doesn’t matter which quality replica it is. The same goes for Bape’s signature line on the size tag “A BATHING APE®.” Which is again very thin and light on fake Bapesta.

The Overall Look
Another easy-to-catch difference is the overall look. Original Bape has a high-quality finish on all sides and edges, and everything is smooth and good-looking. On the other hand, the fake ones of any quality lack that perfect finish.

The Stitching & Midsole
Okay, here I am getting into more precise details, but trust me, once you see the original, you can easily identify the fake one by stitching and midsole. Stitching on fake pairs of Bape shoes is inconsistent and looks more bunched. In contrast, the real one is seamless and gives a more flushed look to the midsole and other stitching.

The Tongue Badge
The Bape registered trademark symbol is badged on every pair of shoes. And due to trademark and copyright issues, it cannot be copied as it is. So what I noticed was that the fake one had a thick badge. The original one has a slightly larger footprint and is thin compared to the fake one. Which makes another crack code to identify the fake Bapesta shoes.

The Insole & Sole
The comfort of the insole is far from original and fake, that will be an instant hit if you are a sneaker geek like me! And Bape's outer sole has a distinctive 3D star pattern which is not possible to achieve on fakes. So here you got another great method to spot the replicas.

How much do real Bapesta shoes cost? (cheap or expensive?)

Bapesta isn’t about being trendy only. With time and their history, Bape has reached the premium trademark. As a basic pair of shoes from Bape, it will easily set you back at $250, at least for your first start from Bape.

And the budget goes onward from here up to $1,165. This sounds insane, but here’s the thing Bape shoes fit into an average budget too. And still gives the best they have. And luckily if you have a premium budget trying out those insanely popular shoes are totally worth it.

Where to buy real and authentic Bapesta shoes

The best way (and also the cheapest, if there's such thing as cheap Bape...) to buy authentic Bape shoes, BapeSTA, RoadSTA etc. is through reputable sellers on eBay like Pondon, happyjagabee, hamana_derec09, Tokyoape, snooooozer.

You can easily check their eBay feedbacks and you'll know that this sellers are legit and will only sell you authentic Bape shoes.

Bape Shoes from Pondon

Click here to view all shoes (ALL are in US sizes)

Bape Shoes from happyjagabee

Click here to view all shoes (ALL are in US sizes)

ALL this shoes are BRAND NEW unless noted otherwise.

Also as noted above, all shoes are in US size so make sure you pick the right size! Check this page often because they are always adding new shoes on their page/stock. As most of you know, Bape shoes are often limited so they sold out pretty quickly! Don't procrastinate if you're planning to buy Bape shoes from any sellers above!

By far, Pondon has the most Bape shoes (and other Bape products) in stock. The other sellers has very limited quantity and choices. I'm searching for more legit eBay sellers and will post them here when I found them.

How does Bapesta fit? Is it true to size?

Generally, Bapesta is true to size fit. Regarding shoes, every brand has a bit of zero error due to the diversity of feet shape. In my personal experience, I always prefer to buy a new pair of shoes according to my previous perfect fit. For example, let's say my Nike Air Force 1 fits me comfortably, so I will buy the same size in Bape. However, if you are confused or your existing size chart isn't matching up, get yourself a half-size bigger Bapesta to be on the safe side.

After reading the simple-to-understand guide on spotting fake Bape shoes, you will now be able to save yourself from a widespread scam. Bapesta are great and unique on their own.

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Is your Bape authentic? Don't get scam! Find out if they are by reading this article.