Last updated: Dec 2022
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Buy Authentic A Bathing Ape / Bape Shoes

The best way (and also the cheapest, if there's such thing as cheap Bape...) to buy authentic Bape shoes, BapeSTA, RoadSTA etc. is through reputable sellers on eBay like Pondon, happyjagabee, hamana_derec09, Tokyoape, snooooozer.

You can easily check their eBay feedbacks and you'll know that this sellers are legit and will only sell you authentic Bape shoes.

Bape Shoes from Pondon

Click here to view all shoes (ALL are in US sizes)

Bape Shoes from happyjagabee

Click here to view all shoes (ALL are in US sizes)

ALL this shoes are BRAND NEW unless noted otherwise.

Also as noted above, all shoes are in US size so make sure you pick the right size! Check this page often because they are always adding new shoes on their page/stock. As most of you know, Bape shoes are often limited so they sold out pretty quickly! Don't procrastinate if you're planning to buy Bape shoes from any sellers above!

By far, Pondon has the most Bape shoes (and other Bape products) in stock. The other sellers has very limited quantity and choices. I'm searching for more legit eBay sellers and will post them here when I found them.

Other Bape Products

Bape Hoodies
Bape Jackets

Is your Bape authentic? Don't get scam! Find out if they are by reading this article.