Last updated: Apr 2024

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Legit Bape eBay Sellers

Here are my recommended Bape eBay sellers that only sells authentic / real Bape. If you're not planning to buy your Bape from these sellers then I would definitely recommended asking for a "legit check" on forums/reddit or you can contact me, also make sure to check the sellers feedback!

Seller Name eBay Store Name Store Link
#1 pondon pondon Visit store
#2 happyjagabee JapanSelection Visit store
#3 hamana_derec09 hamana_derec09 Visit store
#4 tokyoape tokyoape Visit store
#5 snooooozer snooooozer Visit store

Legit Bape Website Resellers

Here's my list of Bape website resellers online. Once again, if you have any doubt of the legitimacy of your Bape, make sure to ask for feedback before buying!

Website Name Description Japanese website. Real Bape, cheap prices. Resell website with many Bape choices. They carry and sell mostly Bape shoes (aka Bapesta).

Legit Bape Stores Near Me

Head over to my Bape stores page and find out if there's any Bape stores near you. Another way of finding out if there's any stores near you that sells Bape is by just simply doing a search online for the keyword "Bape store in XXX" (where XXX is your city name). If you have location services enabled, then you can even just simply open your map app and just search for the keyword "Bape" and it will usually lists a bunch of stores that carry Bape near you -- keep in mind that they may not be the official Bape store but real authorized or legit Bape resellers.