Last updated: May 2024

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Buy Bape T-Shirts (Bape Shirts Real or Fake Guide)

Bape shirts are as popular are their hoodies and they are all available in different colors and styles featuring your favorites Bape characters like Ape Milo, Shark. Bape also do different collaboration with different brands for limited time.

How to spot fake Bape shirt

Bape shirts and Tee are immensely popular among youngsters. I loved them too, a great choice for college, high school, or anywhere. After all, Bape is a streetwear brand. Look for the following details while purchasing Bape shirts and save yourself from the widespread fakes.

Print Quality
If you are going to buy a Bape shirt from a non-authorized store or it's your first experience. Don’t fool by the vibrant prints of fake shirts. I know it’s difficult to analyze printed shirts in store lights. But now you should be able to spot a fake Bape shirt. But how? Simply look for print quality by experiencing the fabric, many high-quality replicas have the same colors but the texture is visible if you feel it. Original Bape shirts have super-saturated colors and a smooth print finish.

Neck Label
The same goes for the neck label. Copied really well with colors. However, the original one has a distinctive pattern on the edges. There is also a considerable margin in the original with center alignment. While the fake one has no margin borders, the colors are plain in comparison to the original and the font is inconsistent.

Golden Tag
All Bape clothing including shirts features their signature Goden tag. And I do expect now you know how to spot the authentic one. Right? Here is another trick for the golden tag. Many Bape shirts don't have that shiny golden color. So don’t get worried. Few Bape shirts have a brown color with neat grainy patterns. While the fake one will have a dark red color and aggressive distorted patterns.

How much does a real Bape shirt cost? (cheap or expensive?)

Real and authentic Bape shirts are more budget-friendly starting from $99 which obviously cheaper than a hoodie or a jacket. Bape is a premium brand with great flexibility for the budget.

Where to buy real and authentic Bape shirt?

You can buy Bape shirts from any of the reputable and authentic Bape sellers online and also legit sellers on eBay.

Shop and Buy Bape shirts from legit eBay sellers:
- Pondon
- happyjagabee
- hamana_derec09
- Tokyoape

I hope this Bape shirts guide helped you out. It's no difference than buying other Bape items such as their hoodies. As always it's a matter of spotting the real Bape shirts from fake and making sure you buy them from a reputable and legit seller.

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Is your Bape authentic? Don't get scam! Find out if they are by reading this article.