Last updated: May 2024

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Bape Drop and Sales Guide (Bape Release, Restock and Sales!)

Every week, there is always a ton of new streetwear drops hitting the store. You will agree with me that predicting popular fashion brand such as BAPE can be tricky. That is why I made this guide to provide you with information about when BAPE release new items, restock items, and also go on sales.

When Does BAPE Release New Items?

When Does BAPE Release New Items

Effective timing is one of the keys BAPE is using to optimize profit and revenue, and also attract new customers to purchase a new product. The brand launches their new items when the marketplace is most eager of the benefits and features offered. No doubt, no one can forecast the date or time when BAPE will release new items. But you can get the information or be notified by going on their official website. Also, their social media platforms such as Twitter (@BAPEOFFICIAL) and Facebook page are places where you can know when BAPE releases new items.

Taking the trend of the release date of the brand’s items from previous years into consideration, it is evident that BAPE releases new items every month of the year. However, the date varies. Additionally, collaboration is one of the keys to innovation and BAPE recognizes it. The partnership sometimes determines the new item release schedule, and this is most times during the weekdays.

Another factor that determines when the Japanese streetwear brand releases their new items is competition. Every reputable manufacturer of product keeps an eye on their competitors. So, if BAPE notices anything that can affect their market, they might reconsider their new items release schedule.

Make sure to head over to my Bape Legit Sellers page to see all reputable sellers online and visit their page to view new Bape releases available for sale.

Using a Bape Bot for Fast and Easy Check Out

Using a Bape Bot for Fast and Easy Check Out

If you don't want to MISS OUT on that highly sought after Bape items on drop or release day then I highly recommend using a bot for a WAY faster and EASY checkout process. I've been using the AIOBot for a few years now and it works great for me. Yes, you have to pay to use it but for me it's all worth it. What I love about this bot is that you can also use it on other websites such as Supreme, Yeezy, Amazon, Shopify websites and more!


Does BAPE Restock Items?

Does BAPE Restock Items

In a situation whereby an item is going out of stock and still on demand by customers, ensuring that stock is available at all time to meet orders is one of the things that keep a business moving. BAPE employ this policy to ensure they maintain their position as one of the popular streetwear. So, to people who keep asking if BAPE restocks items, the answer is yes they do.

However, they don’t restock specific items. The brand randomly restocks some hoodies and tees from time to time on different Bape online stores. From my research, I got to know that BAPE restocks on Saturdays. But for you to get the exact time and day, you can check on their Instagram and Twitter platform where they will announce it. They post the proposed restock items on their social media platforms every Thursdays or Fridays.

Does BAPE Go on Sale?

Does BAPE Go on Sale

Like every other brands or business, BAPE offers trade discounts as a tool to manage inventory, save money, boost profitability, and increase sales. They believe promotional sales, volume purchases, and coupons motivates customers to buy their product, attract new customers, and create the impression that customers are getting the most out of their money. BAPE goes on sale, and some of the deals they offer are:

• POP-UP SALES: it often comes up at the middle of the year, around June. These sales offer up to 50% discount on some items. This is one of the sales that have helped BAPE maintain consumer satisfaction. This type of sale comes with some guidelines that you should follow.
• BLACK FRIDAY SALES: this often comes up towards the end of the year, around November. It offers about 60% discount on some selected items. It is a way to improve the perception of the customers about the brand.
• THANKSGIVING SALES: it often comes up a day before Black Friday sales.
• BAPE PIRATE SALES: discounts are offered on suit pants, jogger pants, tees, hoodies to mention a few.
• EBAY SALES: legit Bape eBay sellers usually offers discount and clearance so make sure to check them out often: LEGIT eBay sellers: Pondon, happyjagabee, hamana_derec09, Tokyoape, snooooozer.

As a streetwear fan who loves people seeing you put BAPE apparel or accessory on, it is the best when you stay up to date with the drop, restock, and sales date of the brand. This will keep you updated on the latest item and also you will be able to save some money when BAPE goes on sale.