Last updated: May 2024

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Is Bape Cheaper in Japan or Hong Kong?

Are you a BAPE fan who is planning to travel and wondering if BAPE is more affordable in Japan or Hong Kong? This article will give you an insight into why and how cheap BAPE could be in both locations. Read on!

Is BAPE Cheaper in Japan?

Is BAPE Cheaper in Japan

Japan is one of the places in the world that are unfairly known as an expensive location to travel in. But in reality, you can easily cling to your budget while there. This extends to the purchase of apparel, accessories, and shoes from brands such as BAPE. Even though you may have the same store in your country, Japanese clothing brands are much cheaper when you buy them in Japan.

If you are interested in luxury streetwear like BAPE, you can find it at a lower cost than you would outside Japan. BAPE costs 40-50% less than EU, UK, NYC, and With the origin of the brand been Japan, it tends to be more popular and common in the country thereby reducing the price of the products in the different BAPE store available. With the poor value of yen and lower cost, it means you can save big when you purchase from Japan and there's a good chance you won't worry about Fake Bapes.

Is BAPE Cheaper In Hong Kong?

Is BAPE Cheaper In Hong Kong

Hong Kong was rated as a shopping paradise during the days when you can shop and still have your life savings intact. For the record, Hong Kong has a ground-breaking record when it comes to choosing the best place to pick up well-styled clothing apparel with a distinct cut at a bargain price.

Aside from these facts; BAPE is a Japanese clothing brand whose production and ownership has been shifted to Hong Kong. With the manufacturing of BAPE’s shoes, apparel, and accessories been carried out in China (Hong Kong), it is expected that these goods should be sold at a lower rate. But to burst your bubbles, the price of BAPE products is relatively higher in Hong Kong when compared to Japan.

Here is the kicker, BAPE is based in Tokyo and as we all know the city is one of the leading fashion hubs in the world. Since the establishment of the brand in 1993, it has remained a distinctive street fashion where iconic designs and original patterns are commercialized. The intended establishment of BAPE is to meet the clothing needs of the Japanese people. And for them to remain loyal to their customers from their humble beginning, there is a need to for a reduction in the prices of their goods in Japan.

Where else can I buy BAPE for cheap?

Bape and cheap don't really go together but the other alternative is to buy Bape online. They won't be cheaper all the time, but they will be slightly cheaper than retail stores in any countries you're in and there are always Bape discount or clearance prices you can look out for. eBay is probably the best choice but just make sure you only buy from legitimate and reputable sellers ONLY!

LEGIT eBay sellers: Pondon, happyjagabee, hamana_derec09, Tokyoape, snooooozer.

From the write-up above, I think it won’t be out of place if I say that BAPE is much more cutting-edge in the world of affordable fashion in Japan. This fashion brand is a mecca for people with impeccable styles, little wonder for a lower price point that answers to high-fashion.