Last updated: Jun 2024

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How to Spot Fake Bape / A Bathing Ape AKA Fape

UPDATE! I wrote down an updated and much improved version of this article. Read it here: How to Tell if a Bape is Fake or Authentic

Eventually all great clothing lines are targeted for counterfeiters. Unfortunately that is how you know you made it, is when someone is looking to make money off of you. Even though Bape has been around since 1993, it really hasn't been a standout product until recently so there have been more fakes all over the world. Because the line was recently hitting the big time no one knew how to spot a fake also known as FAPE!.

If you are in the market to buy a Bape article of clothing, here is how to spot a fake. For starters Bape rarely produce 3XL or 4XL sizes. Another way to spot a fake Bape is that if the price is too cheap then it is a fake. On the sleeve tag of a Bape article of clothing should be centered. Any tag on the back or front is a fake.

The inside lining should feel like cotton not fleece, the feel the same so if you aren't sure don't buy it. On Bape articles of clothing the stitching is nearly flawless it may have a loose thread or two but if the inside stitching is ratted it is not a Bape.

The colorway on all Bape articles are vibrant colors, the colors are never dull. The fabric should be pulled tight; if it is loose it is not a Bape. When you pull part the fabric you should not see any spacing or whiteness at all. The Plastic zip lock bags that these items come in should have a white tab with a factory sticker of size. Most Bapes but not including the Baby Milo line has silver zippers. The zipper should say YKK on the back of the zipper, if not then the item could be a fake.

Check the clothes tag all Bape materials are the best of the best materials, the care tag that is located near the hip area inside the foodies and all writing should be in the same font, fakes will have the same so be very careful.

If you see Bape items on eBay there are some scammers who try to pass off the clothes as authentic Bapes. Here are some key things to look for. Anyone who has a one day auction is most likely selling a fake. If you see an auction with a limited amount of pictures then it could be a fake. If the Bape is authentic then the person selling it should be able to take pictures of all the tags and if they can't provide back images of the tags then stay away.

That is what happens with all great clothing lines, you have the danger of things being fake especially when you buy something online you won't know until you pay for it and by the time you get it the culprit may disappear and long gone! So be careful and extra cautious!

So where do I buy Authentic Bape?

The best and also the cheapest way to buy A Bathing Ape products is through eBay. There is quite a few sellers on eBay that are selling fake Bapes so beware! But you don't really have to worry about those scammers since here im going to list legit A Bathing Ape eBay sellers, they are:

Pondon, happyjagabee, hamana_derec09, Tokyoape, snooooozer.

You can just easily check their eBay feedbacks and you will see a lot of positive comments and very happy buyers so this sellers are for real and will NOT sell you fake Bapes at ALL! I know personally because I have bought quite a few Bape items from them as well ;)