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Authentic Bape / A Bathing Ape Search

Welcome to! My goal and the whole purpose of this website is to find local stores, online stores, auctions and legit people that sell authentic Bape / A Bathing Ape clothes, shoes, sneakers, caps, hoodies and all A Bathing Ape apparel!

As you know (or if you dont know yet) there is A LOT of Counterfeit Bape and replica items in circulation and figuring out if you're buying from a legit buyers and/or stores to make sure your Bape is authentic and NOT "FAPE" maybe a hard task for you. So I created this website for this purpose alone, to help you and everyone out! That's how much I love my Bape! :)

Where to buy Authentic Bape?

The best and also the cheapest way to buy authentic Bape products is through eBay. There is quite a few sellers on eBay that are selling fake Bapes so beware! But you don't really have to worry about those scammers since here im going to list legit Bape eBay sellers, they are:

Authentic Bape Seller: Pondon, happyjagabee, hamana_derec09, Tokyoape, snooooozer.

You can just easily check their eBay feedbacks and you will see a lot of positive comments and very happy buyers so this sellers are for real and will NOT sell you fake Bapes at ALL! I know personally because I have bought quite a few Bape items from them as well ;)

What is Bape?

For those who are wondering and/or just stumble upon this website Bape, or A Bathing Ape is a Japanese clothing brand started by Nigo in 1993. Bape is a very popular brand in Japan and it targets the Japanese youth. Bape became popular in North America (and other parts of the world) because of popular entertainers or celebrities (mainly Rap artist) wearing the brand. Bape clothing are very difficult to find and buy because of limited production and only a few stores exist around the world.

Due to the brand rarity and high demand, the usual cost for a Bape clothing or shoes are in the price range of low to high $xxx (and sometimes HIGHER!). Also because of this there is A LOT of Counterfeit Bape and replica item in circulation. Counterfeit Bape are typically known as "Fape" a combination of the word "Bape" and "fake."

Bape brand has now expanded its market and now operates Bape Sounds, Bape Cafe, Bape Cuts, Bape TV etc. They have also partnered with many popular and upcoming brands and artists also known as Bape collaborations.

Bape Guide and Articles

Here's the links to all my Bape related guide and articles. I will continue writing articles so keep checking back and hope you find them useful.

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